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  • New Construction and Re-Stripe Parking Lot
  • Cross Walks
  • Handicap Parking Spaces

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Parker Design services is located in charlotte, nc and provides parking lot striping - new and re-painted services - to nc - sc - tn.


Parking lot
Curbs, poles, Buildings & Parking lots

  • Apartments and Condos (i.e., Guest Parking Spaces, Handicap Parking Spaces, Unit Numbers, arrows, stop signs, etc.)
  • Strip Malls (i.e., Business Front Reserved Parking Spaces, Fire Lane No Parking Zone, No Loading Zone, and Handicap Spaces
  • Curb Stenciling  - Visitor Parking, No Parking, etc.
  • Pothole Repair
  • Curb Painting
  • Wheel Stops

If your business has an unmarked parking lot, you are not making the most efficient use of the space.  Parking lot lines help people know how to navigate and park.  The fresh lines will quickly make your office or building look much more professional and safe.  Despite it's apparent simplicity, the layout and painting of a parking lot requires a skilled professional who pays close attention to maximum parking efficiency.  Key signs of a good parking lot design are stall widths that reflected significant vehicle types and provisions for handicap parking.   

Dimensions for a parking stall is 8 feet wide.  Width for handicap stalls must meet current federal requirements typically 8 feet wide with adjacent 8 foot aisle.  Parking stalls must meet minimum design standards and motorists tend to ignore lane markings and use two stalls if the provided stalls are too narrow. 

Colors - For parking lots open to the general public, white is the standard color for parking lines.  Yellow generally designates area not available for parking.  Blue designates handicap accessible space.  Red usually appears on curbing and area to designate as Fire Lanes where parking is prohibited.   

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