• New Construction and Re-Stripe Parking Lot
  • Cross Walks
  • Handicap Parking Spaces
  • Apartments and Condos (i.e., Guest Parking Spaces, Handicap Parking Spaces, Unit Numbers, arrows, stop signs, etc.)
  • Strip Malls (i.e., Business Front Reserved Parking Spaces, Fire Lane No Parking Zone, No Loading Zone, and Handicap Spaces.
  • Curb Stenciling  - Visitor Parking, No Parking, etc.
Curbs, poles, Buildings & Parking lots

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The Americans with Disabilities Act if 1990 (ADA) states that handicap people have access to an ample amount of public parking spaces and loading zones.  Handicap stalls must be placed closest to building entrances.  A handicap person needs a larger stall to get in and out of their vehicle and into wheelchair or mobile devise.  The familiar Blue & White handicap signs prohibit parking without authorization.  Signs must include the symbol for accessibility.  Van Accessible stalls must read "Van Accessible.". 

Determination of how many parking spaces to allocate to handicap access will depend on the total number of parking spaces available. 

For more information, visit the ADA website by clicking here.

Parking lot

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  • Pothole Repair
  • Curb Painting
  • Wheel Stops.

ADA Compliant

We keep up with all ADA requirements for parking spaces.